Kegels & Kupcakes Workshop (Now "virtual" via Zoom!)

 Kegels & Kupcakes is a fun, lighthearted but educational workshop on all things pelvic health lead by our Women's Health Occupational Therapist. Workshops are held via Zoom or locally at an outdoor venue. We cover vital topics in women's health including the treatment and prevention of incontinence, prolapse, abdominal weakness/bloat, and pelvic pain/ painful sex.  With the camaraderie of girlfriends, (and a cocktail or cupcake in hand!) we discuss traditionally "taboo" topics in an informal, girlfriend-to-girlfriend format.


Nearly 100% of women will be impacted by incontinence and over 50% of women will develop prolapse post-menopause.  There are easy strategies women can learn to prevent or fix these pelvic health issues. This is vital information all women need to know and yet no one is talking about!


To inquire about scheduling a Kegels & Kupcakes event for your group please use the contact form below. 

What Women Are Saying About  Kegels & Kupcakes

  • I feel as though I just had a heart to heart talk with my older sister.  Carol explains things in a way no one else ever has!  I feel so much more informed and I finally know what to do now!      - Annette, La Jolla

  • I had no idea what to expect but that was so fun and informative!      - Liz, San Diego

  • I can't believe how much I learned.  This is information that every woman needs! Best Girl's Night Out ever!      - Kate, Carlsbad


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