Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy for all your issues "down there"


incontinence, overactive bladder, recurrent UTI, constipation,

IBS, IC, prolapse, pain, diastasis, and anxiety

 are common but not normal

and you shouldn't have to "just live with it".



Carol is a gifted teacher who has truly found her calling. She is passionate about what she does and explains very complicated body functions in a way that makes sense and has enabled me to have bladder control for the first time in years.  The biofeedback she offers is an amazing tool. She has dramatically improved my quality of life- I no longer fear I will embarrass myself in public. 

Mary, La Jolla

I am pain free for the first time in three years!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Tami, Phoenix


My prolapse has gone from a stage 2 that caused me constant pressure and pain, to non-existent!  I can now take my daughter to the park, stand all day long and even go for a run without having to take a break and lie down. You have literally changed my life!  Thank you!

Liz, San Diego

I exercise, eat very healthy and do my Kegels (almost) every day.  I couldn't understand why I was having bladder issues, but Carol took the time to explain to me what was going on in a way that I could understand.  No doctor had taken this kind of time with me and it turns out I was doing my Kegels completely wrong! In just a few visits I have seen significant improvements in my bowel and bladder. Thank you for your caring professionalism!


Carolyn, Carlsbad


Core Functional Wellness is located at 543 Encinitas Blvd #114

Encinitas, CA. 92024

In-home appointments available to Medicare clients in some areas of San Diego.


Consultations and appointments are available to out of area clients through our online Telehealth services.



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